Home Renovation and design trends (2023)

              Planning to remodel or renovate your House ? we have collected some Home renovation ideas and latest trends from experts that you must read before reshaping your Home.

Our aim is to provide you cost effective and better solution to avoid common mistakes that may occur during construction.

Home renovation: Where to Start?

It depends on what changes are planning to your house. There are Designers, Architects and Construction workers. 

If it is major renovation the you have to contact an Architect first. Based on your requirements architect will give you a renovation plan. Now you can approach a Designer to get a suitable design based on the plan or if you have own ideas then you can directly contact construction workers to start renovation works.

If it is a minor construction work the you don’t need an Architect at all. For example, renovation works like bathroom separation, making new wall separations or removing a wall etc.

If you are not planning to change the structure of the building and you are struggling to find home renovation ideas, Probably you need a designer for space planning and designing. They will help you to properly arrange interiors, selecting new interiors and setting a style based on your requirement.

See Home Renovation Guide by Architectural Digest :

This guide will definitely help you to get better understanding on house remodeling and renovation.

Tips for your Home Renovation

  • If your room size is small and you want to make it look like a big room, use white colors all around, Smooth texture for furniture and also use long lines & false ceiling.
  • For interiors long curtains always add values to your home and avoid white flooring, because its easy to get dirty.
  • You must give importance to sunlight and wind flow all around your home. Home is the place were we spend most of our life. Proper sunlight and air flow keeps us to live a healthy life.
  • Pay attention to textures in your house. Not too heavy or not too light textures will give you elegant look for rooms.
  • Always use good quality materials. No compromise in quality because buying cheap product is actually waste of money.


Home renovation is actually wast topic. we have only covered few general aspects.

We will be updating more details in upcoming posts, stay tuned!.

When it comes to architecture and design don’t move forward with a half knowledge. Always better to consult an Architect and/or  Designer to save your money, health and time. Good luck!

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