CC0 Textures – Most useful Websites for Downloading Free Textures

List of websites to get high-quality CC0 textures. You can download these texture maps and use them without worrying about licensing issues.

  1. – Offers a collection of free and high quality textures and materials. Paywalls or Account not required.
  2. (now- –  Place where you can find high quality scanned textures for free. Paywalls or Account not required.
  3. –  Another website for free textures. But all the textures are not free. You have to become their patron to download the some textures.
  4. – Free PBR textures. Currently they have 350+ textures. They also provide Free tutorials to create better 3d Scene. Paywalls or Account not required.
  5. – For good quality Fabric textures. They provide materials through Gumroad. So, you may have to provide email id to download textures.
  6. – Huge collection of Free seamless PBR 1K resolution textures. 4K resolution textures + SBS & SBSAR files are available for 3 Tier Patrons.
  7. – Huge collection of high resolution textures. PBR maps are not available.
  8. – It’s a search engine for finding textures, materials and HDRI. is a side project by
  9. – A valuable resource for CC0 textures and HDRIs, enhancing the realism of your 3D scenes and projects.
  10. This website offers a wide range of CC0 textures, as well as other game-related assets.
  11. – This website offers a collection of CC0 textures that are free to use for various creative projects, including 3D art.

There are tons of other website providers textures like ‘royalty free textures’ and ‘CC0 textures (with terms and conditions)’ etc. Those sites are not included here because, using such textures in your art work may drive you into unnecessary trouble. 

Do you know any other websites to download free textures? Let us know in the comment section below:

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